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I am an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology PhD student at the University of Michigan working with Dr. Stephen A. Smith. My current project, LeafMachine, aims to automate much of the work required to obtain leaf trait data from herbarium specimen vouchers using convolutional neural networks, support vector machines, computer vision, and object detection algorithms. I study leaf-shape evolution in angiosperms. At the University of Colorado, Boulder I double majored in environmental studies and ecology and evolutionary biology. My time was split between Dr. Stacey D. Smith's laboratory, where I worked on community assembly and invasion projects, and the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) Center for Limnology, where I was an associate scientist studying water quality in streams and municipal reservoirs. In my free time, you can always find me in the mountains emulating John Muir


LeafMachine Publication

LeafMachine: Using machine learning to automate leaf trait extraction from digitized herbarium specimens


Darwin's Naturalization Conundrum

Testing Darwin's Naturalization Conundrum using phylogenetic relationships: Generalizable patterns across disparate communities?


Lab News

EEB Photo Contest 2020

Check out my honey bee and wasp photos!


BSA 2019

The audio is terrible, but it gets the job done


Crazy for creosote bush


New LeafMachine Website

View documentation and supporting materials for LeafMachine


Polyploidy and Diversification

Investigating polyploidy in the Sonoran Desert


UROP Awards

...all three were awarded BURST funding from the Biological Sciences Initiative to support their research.


Undergraduate Research Symposium


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